I’ve struggled with weight and poor body image since I was a child. My life consisted of mostly self-sabotage and constant fluctuation in weight. I finally had enough. I pulled out through therapy, hard work, consistency, failure, small successes which lead to larger successes and all out determination. To change, I had to have the courage to be uncomfortable, to get real with myself, to change daily habits and to never give up. The hardest and most important thing for me to do was to BELIEVE in myself. I had to believe I could do it. How could I trust myself to do what it took? I failed myself for more than 30 years! My brain had more failures than successes to fall back on. Slowly, hour by hour, day by day and year by year I started to rewire my brain. I started to give my mind more successes to fall back on. The success, no matter how small, reminded me that I could do it. I started to focus on what I was doing now and not on the past failures.

I began to think more positively and to be more grateful. I began to celebrate my successes and move on from my failures. If I slipped up, it did not matter. I learned so much by paying attention to my slip-ups. They revealed my triggers and anxieties. I started to see things and emotions for what they were and to understand that food would not fix it. I had to understand that change is a process that does not consist of perfection. I learned to remove guilt from food and to find joy in it. True change and overcoming fear takes more courage than you can imagine. I did change. On the other side of fear is unbelievable freedom. I have to continue to work on myself and always be open to leaning new things. There will always be my past. I call it the “Tiger in my pocket”. He is there and every so often he will rear his ugly head. I now have the strength to tame that tiger and put him back where he belongs. He is part of me, but I am the stronger one now.

Many things from childhood through adulthood affect us. Trauma, heartache, rejection, grief and many other experiences can shape who we are. These experiences set our beliefs. There is usually a time where someone validated a thought you may have had about yourself. You may believe that you are overweight, unhealthy, not smart, unloved, ugly, etc. The chances are, someone validated that thought. You believed them, and it affected your thoughts about yourself. This can happen anytime in your life, but it happens more often when you are young, innocent and vulnerable. When this happens, you start to believe in some way that you are simply not good enough. Learning and understanding that this is a FALSE BELIEF is the single greatest gift you can give yourself.

 I invite you to reach out to me. Let me help you to help yourself. You do not have to live any way that hurts you. You can overcome fear, self-sabotaging behavior and patterns that keep you stuck. When you change your thoughts, you change your life and open up your world. I specialize in eating issues and poor body image. However, when you remove the layers we are all more alike than we are different. We all have crutches and issues. I am certified to help you find the motivation to change whatever it is within you that is holding you back. It is my passion to connect with people and change lives. To help others, helps me. I continue to heal and grow while helping others to do the same. Giving back and showing other tools to change has been critical in my own recovery. Let me show you the way to unbelievable freedom and fulfillment. Let's go find it!