The surface is a mask

of what grows deep inside

the surface is all that is seen

just beneath is where I hide. 


Time and time again 

I've been shown this to be true

it has been my whole life

my outer shell is what matters to you.


I have been taught to hate the outside

by those who matter to me 

all society has shown 

all that matters is what you see.


I am not enough

I cannot simply "be"

What matters most is trapped

begging to be free.


My outside should be a vessel 

to carry my spirit each day

but it has been my prison

that steals my life away.


I must beleive in me

and do it all on my own 

I must learn to accept me 

and stop feeling so alone.


Tune out all the chaos

all the voices and the noise

wrap my arms around myself

and answer to my true inner voice.


Jennifer Sisk

September 7, 2017